Loiotoktok Clinic Day 1

Hey Peeps!
Todd here to write in place of one of our Teachers as they are on the hot seat at BOH school.

Yesterday was astounding, precious, cool, hectic, intense, (how many more word)…. Seeing 712 people in the clinic. But, alas I get ahead….we had arrived Monday afternoon after long somewhat harrowing haul through Kenya south. We arrived to meet our hosts….greetings are special times in this culture and our ‘monochromatic’ team was somewhat brought up short feeling the pressure to get the tasks ahead of us started…..with seeming little time to be had available. After greetings we had tea (recall this is a British colony) and more greeting and meeting. Lovely. 🙂 Continue reading

Hello from Nairobi!

Hi everyone! I’m sorry about the brief update before, but hopefully this will work better 🙂
We got into Nairobi airport late Friday night, and had a bit of a scare when we were waiting for our luggage…and waiting…and waiting… But it turned out that they were just on a different carousel! We knew God was watching over us when we saw all that luggage gathered up: THIRTY SIX BAGS IN ALL!!! We were allowed 2 extra checked bags each (thank you, British Airways!) to bring books, art supplies, medical supplies, and stuffed animals. Continue reading

Learning and Preparing

We have had lots of meetings and get-togethers in preparation of our journey.  One of the things we’ve been blessed with is a team member who is pretty well versed in HIV and the AIDS virus.  Todd put on a great presentation for us on May 18.  What made it even better was the humor he snuck in 🙂 pictured is a photo of his sweet Basset Hound! I think his name is cowboy, but I’m probably wrong! Continue reading