While in Kenya, Blackhawk Church partners with Beacon of Hope (BOH), a Kenyan based NGO that works with women and children impacted by HIV/AIDS by empowering them in holistic ways including professional training, home healthcare classes and social work efforts.

The main objectives of our short term trips to Kenya, are enhancing partnership and fostering relationships. We seek to join with Beacon in what they are doing in the slums of Nairobi, and to encourage the women participating in their programs through personal contact, reassurance, and prayer.  In addition, we desire to utilize our God given gifts to assist BOH in expanding their influence.  We anticipate trip activities to include participating in morning devotionals, observation of classroom activities in their school,  encouraging and problem-solving with their teachers, holding all day medical camps, making  home visits, listening to people’s stories, praying and spending time building relationships with the women in the training program. In addition, this year we are considering becoming more involved with Beacon’s youth center and programs in a capacity that is yet to be determined.