Beacon of Hope

Words can not describe how wonderful our time was with the children from the Beacon of Hope school. It is so amazing to see these children during their morning devotion time. The songs they sang were adorable, but it was also inspiring to see how these kids are already being molded into the type of person God wants them to be. You could see the joy in their hearts and the excitement they had singing praises to Jesus. So beautiful! We are supposed to have faith like a child and being at this school, seeing these children, gave a very vivid image of what that is to look like. I can absolutely see the truth in the song “Jesus loves the little children”. There innocence is just so refreshing. In the time spent at the school we were able to get to know them better and really see their personalities shine through. Those personalities were mostly showcased at the June birthday celebration at the end of the day! Now was that something to see!! Each child with a June birthday had a party hat on and their own special cake. There was a long table set up in front of the area the celebration took place. Each special child was announced individually and we clapped to a beat! My oh my did these birthday boys and girl strut their stuff! With a sweetness, they paraded to the front, hands on their hips and walking to the beat. Some of the boys added some tough guy moves, but still made their way down the “runway”! It was so fun to be invited to this celebration. The teachers and students were so welcoming and truly have made each and every one of us feel at home. Across countries we can feel so at home because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. I have always understood that that amazing bond takes place, but it has been made so clear on this trip. Our bond is in Jesus Christ and no matter what differences we have, it is so apparent that we are all a part of one beautiful family. A family that I am so proud and honored to be a part of!

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