Loiotoktok Clinic Day 1

Hey Peeps!
Todd here to write in place of one of our Teachers as they are on the hot seat at BOH school.

Yesterday was astounding, precious, cool, hectic, intense, (how many more word)…. Seeing 712 people in the clinic. But, alas I get ahead….we had arrived Monday afternoon after long somewhat harrowing haul through Kenya south. We arrived to meet our hosts….greetings are special times in this culture and our ‘monochromatic’ team was somewhat brought up short feeling the pressure to get the tasks ahead of us started…..with seeming little time to be had available. After greetings we had tea (recall this is a British colony) and more greeting and meeting. Lovely. 🙂

Now we can get to the set up…..

Set up was assessing clinic space in the little host church and somewhat smaller out building for pharmacy set up. Unload and we first timers tried to glean from those who had seen these traveling clinics before what the people flow and numbers and privacy issues might be. Bailing twine and sheets and clove hitch knots later(no blood was shed in the making of this clinic!) we had a clinic. Yaaaa

We then felt far enough along to enjoy an amazing dinner in the night of Africa around campfire in the company of Friends…….


I think there is a pic to share . Dinner was rice, stew, cabbage salad lightly dressed and slightly sweet w black beans. Lovely ladies from the church cooked for us. And….the rolled flat bread I again forget the name of… Nothing mention to drink?! ‘Cause nothing was served! Remember tea time ?! But then this also appears to be an element of local and tribal culture (aside….read “fewer visits to the outhouse”. I for one was ok w it….you should ask around; maybe there is more to that story)

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